Somebody Else’s Nightmare

Album: Strength and Kindness Artist: Someone Else’s Nightmare Reviewer: Alice Neiley Real instruments! Funk/Jazz fusion! Miles-style-post-bop! Oh my! Strength and Kindness, a versatile, multi-genre album by California based band, Someone Else’s Nightmare, embodies its title perfectly—the nuanced differences between strength and kindness, but also how the two traits, and more generally, all of our human […]

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Jonathan Sprout

Album: American Heroes #4             Artist: Jonathan Sprout Reviewer: Alice Neiley   Imagine the genius of Raffi’s “Baby Beluga” with large, daring bursts of glittery, whimsy filled, motivational, dance move energy. And that vocal synthesizer effect used Kanye West’s “Heartless.” And key changes. And lyrical stories about various American heroes that have never before (at […]

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Barbara Lusch

Album: Rock Me Sweet Artist: Barbara Lusch Reviewer: Alice Neiley   Cover albums are dangerous. Not only do cover artists risk making puddles out of the most powerful, oceanic compositions of all time, but they also risk exposing one of the best kept secrets of utmost importance in the skill set of any singer songwriter: […]

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David Mohai

Artist: David Mohai Album: “Calm Like a Bomb” Single (Rage Against the Machine cover) Reviewer: Alice Neiley   I didn’t used to like cover songs at all. In fact, when the Counting Crows came out with their cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi,” I simply couldn’t listen to it. It lacked, at least to […]

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